CHQ have already published the journal of our Federation (BSNLCCWF) named as "BULLETIN" in which we are trying to focus the movement of the casual contract labourers at various levels. It is being published with an interval of 3 or 4 months. The reporting of negotiation and the meetings with the Managements are also being attached in this bulletin. We are also trying to enclose the latest order of BSNL Head Quarters, DoT, Minister of Labour, Gazette Notification, VDA & IDA order, etc. Circle and District Secretaries are requested to send the report of the programme observed in various levels, so that we can publish it in our journal. If you have any queries, on the casual and contract labour issue, then please send it in the Whatsapp of Secretary General (09433009450) and the E-mail (Bsnlccwfchq@Gmail.Com). Please help us by sending a good number of materials and feed back from your end so that we can publish the next bulletin in the month of May.