BSNL Management still continuing its attack on contract and casual workers.

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By BSNL Casual Contract Workers Federation

Once again attack has been brought down on the Casual & Contract Labourers: Immediately after meeting on 10th and 11th April, 2023 with the Heads of CGMs and CMD along with the Board Members of BSNL, two orders have been issued by the corporate office regarding the Casual and Contract labourers. One is for the Contract Labourers and other is for the Casual Labourers. Both letter of the order issued by Corporate Office on 11.04.2023.

The corporate office has clearly mentioned in the first order to stop immediately the old system of JCL and to implement SLA system in states like Haryana, Punjab along with in some other states. It may be mentioned that SLA system has been introduced for last 3 years in other states. In West Bengal Circle CGM has been instructed by the corporate office to implement SLA system from 1st April, 2023.

In the second order corporate office has instructed the circles not to consider TSM status or regularisation of the Casual labourers. In the mean time so many court cases have been made by the casual labourers accusing the department that after working for 20 to 25 years in the department the BSNL management did not consider their case of departmentalization or provide TSM status. The BSNL management has instructed the circles to deal hard with the court cases as it has guided by the Corporate Office in the letter issued on 11.04.2023.

It seems that BSNL authority is very much busy to curtail bread and butter of the casual and contract labourers and less bothered with the development of the BSNL.  This once again proved the authoritarianism character the BSBNL management.