BSNLCCWF once again urges BSNL Management to issue guideline for minimum wage and social securities for the contract workers.

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By BSNL Casual Contract Workers Federation

A meeting was held on 14th May, 2024 with Director (HR) and BSNLEU on the issue of staff problems wherein the problems of the contract workers in SLA system and their pain for non-payment of wages were pointed out by Com. Animesh Mitra, Secretary General, BSNLCCWF. Earlier it was assured by the management that wages would be ensured after the introduction of the SLA system. But that didn’t happen in reality. The wages of the contract workers are still irregular in various circles and examples of some circles were cited by Com. Animesh Mitra where the wages are pending for about 12 to 16 months. Even in the JCL system the contractors have kept pending the wages of the contract workers but the management attitude very indifferent. Secretary General of BSNLCCWF drew the attention of Director(HR) and said that earlier in the old system the corporate office issued orders to abide by the minimum wage and social securities, and intimate that order may once again be circulated to all the CGMs so that the vendors or the contractors attached with SLA system could implement the orders in extending the benefits of the minimum wage and social securities to the contract workers. Agreeing to the demand of the Federation, Director(HR) immediately asked PGM (Rectg.), present in the meeting, to take necessary measures in this regard. He also admitted that complaints are coming from various forums and VIPs and cases are also being filed in the Labour Court. In the course of discussion, it was mentioned on behalf of Federation that a memorandum was also submitted to present CMD, BSNL in this regard. It was decided in the meeting that the management would take necessary steps if BSNLCCWF gave the specific name of the contractors in writing.