Circle Conference of BSNLCCWF, Madhya Pradesh circle organised at Bhopal in a graceful manner.

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By BSNL Casual Contract Workers Federation
Circle Conference of BSNLCCWF, Madhya Pradesh circle organised at Bhopal in a graceful manner.  Image

It was a decision of Bhopal CEC meeting of BSNLEU to take proper action to strengthen the BSNLCCWF at circle level. Accordingly, BSNL Employees Union, Madhya Pradesh circle took the initiative to organised the conference of BSNCCWF in Madhya Pradesh circle. Circle Conference held enthusiastically at Bhopal on 18.06.2023. The conference was stated after pay homage to departed circle president Com. N.L. Patel and Com. Uma Sankar Sharma, circle secretary of Contract Worker Union. Com. Prakash Sharma, circle president and AGS, BSNLEU, presided over and inaugurated the conference. Com. Animesh Mitra Secretary General BSNLCCWF was the main speaker who narrated the present situation in BSNL and also the attack from BJP government on BSNL. He also highlighted some example Contract Worker movements for which the Workers were benefited by the effort of BSNLCCWF. But presently, the entire Contract Workers in BSNL are facing sufferings on the pro- corporate and anti workers polices of government. Com. B.S. Raguvanshi, circle secretary delivered welcome speech, and conduct the conference proceeding. Com. Vishnu Chaudhary, office bearers in erstwhile Contract Worker Union was in the presidium and spoken in brief about issues of Contract Workers. It was also urged upon Contract Workers to upgrade their skill and knowledge in changed technology adopted in BSNL. A good number of Contract Workers also spoke and explained their problems like delay in payment of wages, denial EPF ESI facility and denial of minimum wage etc.

A new circle body of Contract Workers Union was formed with com. Ramesh Kadela, com. Vishnu Chaudhary, as it’s circle president and circle secretary respectable subscription from contract worker was also collected in the meeting and handed over to BSNLCCWF CHQ as union subscription from Madhya Pradesh circle.