Circle Conference of BSNLCCWF, NE-II circle held at Dimapur on 18.11.2023.

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By BSNL Casual Contract Workers Federation

The Circle conference of BSNLCCWF, NE II circle held at Dimapur on 18th November, 2023, at OCB Exchange, Dimapur. The conference started after hoisting of union flag by Com. Animesh Mitra, Secretaries General. Good number of casual labours assembled at Dimapur from the states of Nagaland and Arunchal Pradesh. Veteran leader Com. Paradip Dev presided over the meeting while Com. N. Ahmed, CS, BSNLEU gave the welcome address. Senior veteran leader Com.Buddhi Singh inaugurated the conference with an inspiring speech. He urged upon the members to continue the struggle of the casual labours which had started since P&T department Com. R.K. Borgangon, CS placed the secretariat report and narrated the present situation of the BSNL which has the direct connection with the major issues of casual contract labours. It is about 9 delegates including the dist and branch secretaries from Itanagar, Kohima and Dimapur took part in the discussion based on the report of the conference. The major issues like Regularisation of casual labours, 7th CPC Wage Revision, TSM status, court cases and organising the contract labours were highlighted in the conference. Com. Animesh Mitra, Secretary General informed the house about the activities of BSNLEU and BSNLCCWF to fight against the Govt and the management on the burning issues of the casual contract workers in BSNL. He narrated the role of Modi Govt to destroy the public sector including BSNL. He also explained the role of BSNLEU leaders in the National Council meeting on the issue of Regularisation and 7th CPC Wage Revision for the casual labours. He also reminded the delegates about the decisions of All India conference for organising more powerful demonstration in Delhi to hit the Govt and the BSNL management too. Com. Ali Ahmed, CS, BSNLEU called upon the delegates for participation in the joint struggle in BSNL. A list of the office bearers headed with Com.N. Ahmed, President, Com.R.K. Borgaon, Circle Secretary and Com.Manito Sema, Treasurer was declared in the Conference for the next term.