General Election in the country and celebration of May Day.

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By BSNL Casual Contract Workers Federation

This year the May Day will be observed in our country in the environment of general election. The call of the May Day is universal and of all time. This day would be observed by the working class of the world till they get freedom from the slavery of capitalism. The struggle for 8 hours of work is getting intensive throughout the world and in our country also. The government of our country and the big boss of the corporate lobby both are in favour of introducing work for 10- 12 hours duty in a day. On the other hand WFTU the biggest Trade Union organisation of the workers in the world has raised the demand of 35 hours of work in a week. Despite the International Labour Law organisation has prepared law in this regard, all the private and corporate organisations have introduced 12 hours of work in a day. Beside the dreadfulness of retrenchment particularly of the casual, contract and outsourcing workers, the demand raised for not to work for 10 -12 hours a day has been started strongly. As May Day is being observed amidst of election and as such the demand of the working class is being reflected in the speeches and activities of various political parties. We, the BSNL Casual and Contract Workers’ Federation will observe May Day this year throughout the country with great enthusiasm by hoisting of Red Flag, organising meetings etc. along with BSNLEU and AIBDPA in districts and circles. On this day we will commemorate with great respect the leaders of America who were hanged to death for the strike held at America on 1886 and the martyrs of the Hay market massacre.