Organisational review meeting is going on in all circles to review the casual contract labourers position as on today.

BSNL Casual Contract Workers Federation

Organisational review meeting.
Organisational review meeting is going on in all circles to review the casual contract labourers position as on today. Image

It is a good news that the circle unions of BSNL CCWF are taking the initiative to organise the meetings of the office bearers at circle level to review the present situation. It was decided in our last Secretariat meeting of BSNL CCWF to hold the circle level organisation meeting. Accordingly, we have received the information of meetings as follows:-


Maharashtra: - Meeting was held on 12.07.2021. Com.Madhu Chandorkar, President, Maharashtra, presided over the meeting. Com.N.K. Nalawade, CS, BSNLEU, inaugurated the session. A good number of comrades participated in the meeting through online. Com.V.A.N. Namboodiri, President and Com.Animesh Mitra, Secretary General, participated on behalf of CHQ. 10 members participated in the discussion on the report presented by Com.Mohmad Yusuf, CS, BSNLCCWF, Maharashtra circle. Com.Nilesh Kale, Jt. Secretary, narrated the factual report of the attack on contractual labourers particularly after introduction of outsourcing system. It has decided to organise agitational programme in August, 2021, and they will also conduct the tour programme in all district.


Telangana: - Circle level organisational meeting of BSNLCCWF, Telangana circle, held on 04.07.2021. It was an online meeting were 14 circle office bearers participated from different parts of the state. Com.V.A.N. Namboodiri, President, inaugurated the meeting and narrated the attack of Modi government on PSU and the workers too. Com.Thirumal Maringantal, presided over the meeting and Com.Madhu Maringadi, leader from CITU, guided the meeting and advised to organise some agitational programme before Management. Report for discussion was placed by Com.B. Paripurnachary, GS, TBSNLCCELU. On which 14 members participated in the meeting. Retrenchment of contract labourers and payment of pending wages were the main issues for the discussion.


Uttarakhand: - Com.Nithyananda Bahuguna, presided over the meeting of BSNLCCWF, Uttarakhand circle which was held on 04.07.2021. Com.K.S. Soun, CS, BSNLEU, Uttarakhand circle, inaugurated the meeting. 11 comrades participated in the discussion. Com.Animesh Mitra, SG, gave the valuable speech and discussed about the attack of the Management and vendors in Uttarakhand circle and guided them to organise a deputation programme to the Chief General Managers in the month of August. He also narrated the decisions of the Central Secretariat meeting.