Organise massive Campaign Programme in connection with the Strike to be held on 16th February, 2024 in BSNL.

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By BSNL Casual Contract Workers Federation

Comrades, you all are aware that the Casual & Contract workers of BSNL are going on strike on 16th February, 2024 under the banner of BSNLCCWF.  The Casual & Contract workers are going on strike on the demand of equal wage for equal work, payment of pending wages, implement of social security, no retrenchment, revision of wage of casual worker as per 7th CPC, Immediate repeal the 4 anti-worker Labour Code, Gratuity in SLA based Tender, Immediate launch 4G & 5G service in BSNL, Utilise casual & contract labourers in CSC, Marketing and external services including FTTH connection etc. BSNLCCWF has already served notice for strike to CMD, BSNL. It is now our prime task to campaign vigorously in offices and exchanges amongst the Casual and Contract workers with BSNLEU & AIBDPA under the banner of BSNL Coordination Committee to make the strike a grand success. It is also requested to Circle Secretaries to serve strike notice to the Regional Labour Commissioner incorporating the local burning issues. The strike in BSNL is a battle of do or die situation, hence take it seriously do the needful so that we can give a befitting reply to the Modi Govt. against its anti-worker policy.